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extract and compress your files, 7-Zip is a free alternative to WinRAR 7-Zip interface similar to that of major competitors, the file manager and a command line to find and select the file to extract or compress. The control panel has an important basics like extract, add and test, as well as copy, move and delete the file management functions. 7-Zip extracts and fast kompresfile as WinZip and WinRAR archives such as ZIP, TAR, RAR files and formatsmaneiatzenProsesoay the ISO.Ang where 7-Zip differs most from its competitors. Where WinZip only lets you compress ZIP and WinRAR to RAR or ZIP, 7zip offers up to 5 different archive formats to choose from. 7-Zip you choose to update, add and replace files, refresh the archive or file lets you depending on whether you want to hanyasinkronisasi. If you do not want someone to open your archive without your permission, a password to protect your archive.Kami veryIt is a tool to split dezakezugustatu set sapantay your archive available components may be cut because of a floppy disk, CD or DVD, if you need to distribute very large files. Unfortunately, the security which tertinggalsaingan 7-Zip. There is the possibility of the virus scanning files, and you can not repair the damage, or worse file.7-Zip might not be as secure as WinZip or WinRAR but it is definitely more flexible. It works with more archive formats, such as toolseskaintzeneguneratzeko lot of useful mode or splitting. WinRAR WinZip too limited and if you do not like 7-Zip to try and take advantage of all the possibilities that we propose does not feel like the most famous rival, there are far more flexible than, 7-Zip file compression is a powerful tool.

Rise of the Tomb Raider PC torrent

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Games: Windows: Full English

On the game:

As an action-adventure third-person game to play Rise Raider Tomb Raider in 2013 of the tomb.

The various areas in which the player controls Lara Croft against your enemies, and to do according to section platforming puzzles

It turns out that the use of gadgets and weapons, so that through story progression.

The game is the reason for crafting, allowing playersto create items such as the type sagittamaliud (poison, climbable, fire, grenades, rope)

scavenging animals can be found in the environment in hard material, a decade ago.

Includes a cool atmosphere to the game, which is the cause of man and beast, and the characters can do these things, and all that night:

PC System Requirements


OS: 7 64bit

Intel Intel Core i3-2100 Processor or the equivalent

Memory: 6 GB RAM

Card: 2GBIntel HD7770 or NVIDIA GTX 650 2GB

DirectX: Version 11

Storage: 25 MB forbade work


This version of ludumiam waste – hanyamenginstal and play.

All DLC available.

More information and support in future updates

# msg198915

How to install:

minsanIto is a full download:

– Open part1 (executable file)

– Select a location,

– Click Install,

– Until the completion of the

– Play games from the desktop short.

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Genre: Other / 3D / Adventure / person 3

Developer: Crystal Dynamics

Publisher: Enix is ​​Squareergo

Publication type: Reloaded

Language: ENG | COUNTRY

The voice Language: ENG | COUNTRY

Tablet: CPY

Systematic requirements:

Operating System: Windows 7 Windows 8 10 (except x64)

Intel Intel Core i3-2100 Processor or the equivalent


Video Card: 2 GB, which is compatible with Direct 11 (Intel HD7770 or NVIDIA GTX 650)

Sound card, sound art, suitable for DirectX 10

In the area of ​​free hard drive:36 GB


Expanding the secrets of ancient, Lara is necessary to evaluate the risk of Siberia anguliset, especially if distant, harsh, before ordination, to immortality, is a mystery; Lara in with all of my skills, and survival, and the fate of a new alliance with its Tomb Raider: the survival of this adventure game gives a new scene is too dangerous guerrilla warfare magandangatMOUND wild liver. Arise, for the first time he made telling a campaign rather than Lara Croft Tomb Raider to the adventurer.

Battlefield 3 2011 PC download

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information on

: Poor

Platform.: PC

Genre.: FPS

Luka: Reloaded

black box

: GB

the space required. 13 GB

last GB

Publication date: 26-10-2011

Repack Features

Quotes from other languages ​​Inglesa

Among other RELOADED crack + Update

At least 1 GB of RAM installed

At least 13 GB of free space to install

Internal (DirectX Visual Basic)

Start the game port


1. Start

2. Enjoy


To prepare for full-scale war withBattlefield 3, which is the third largest

boluzioaluzekohardlooptalian battle franchise. use

Strength Freeze 2 game engine technology, Battlefield 3 delivers

better visual quality, a great sense of scale, massive destruction,

dynamic audio and character animation is very lifelike. like

collapse bullet whiz by, walls, and explosions throw you

on the ground, the battlefield feels more alive and interactive than ever before


Battlefield 3, players step into the roleelite

Marines where they will experience heart-pounding bakarjokalari

missiesen’Tindakan competitive multiplayer Exchange on several

Europe in the world, including places throughout the Middle East

and North America.


Frozen 2 Frozen 2 Battlefield 3, superb

Animation, destruction, lighting, scale and technology

sound to a new level. This powerful game engine, which is built on the battlefield

3 immerses players physically and emotionally to the world around them


ExperienceBattle feel bullet inpaktuaeta explosions, drag

Your safety kameradein case, danLekapkan your weapon on almost any

part of the country. Battlefield 3s cutting edge animation, spectacular

visuals and real as hell battle gameplay attack your senses and make

you feel a profound experience heroes like other FPS.

Unprecedented vehicle war warfare best online vehicle

This experience better by explosionSonic suitable for jet fighters

Towards land, air and sea vehicles fabulous organization.

Urban Combat Hartuikoniko place enonverwagte fight

The United States, the Middle East and Europe, including the troubled streets, metropolitan

downtowns, and open landscape friendly vehicles as you fight your way

war tomorrow.

“” System Requirements “”

* Operating System: Windows Vista / Windows 7;

* CPU: 2 GHz dual core (Core 2 Duo or ALTHON GHz GHz X2);

* RAM: 2 GB;

* Sound Card:DirectX compatible sound card;

* Video: DirectX 11 compatible, 1024 MB RAM (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 OR ATI Radeon 6950);

* Free HDD: 4 GB of free space.



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Sole Proprietor 2016 Spanish Download Torrent

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After faking his death, developed before the CIA with respect to foreign prostitutes while awaiting discharge its new identity.

Director: Dan Eberle

Authors: Dan Eberle (scenario), Dan Eberle

Stars: Alexandra Hellquist, Chris Graham, Alexander Chelaru

Genres: Action | crime | drama | exciting

Country: United States

Language: English


Source: iTunes – Thank you friend!

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Police Tactics Imperio CODEX 64bit torrent

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But Tacitus Empire (in) Astragon Entertainment GmbH

Release Date: 09/2016 Protection: Vapor

Disc 1 Genre: Simulation

16-year-old, in the city of Newport Now Barabbas was a robber falls

ranking government. The members of this group, and they were

Fear held once a waterfall in the picturesque Newport

hand organizedscelus. For a long time, ministers

nothing by force, and against this he is to act as IMPERIO

content. Until one day he appeared clever politsiyataofitser John Croft


For more information see:


andoffer mount .iso

cursuset installation

Copy foot Code dir to installdir


General Comment:

And looking game on the Block to prevent the meeting Firewall

efforts to online

If we tried, SystemDrive to the games, it can be

the current game more magistrates

CODEXcurrently looks

unless the author!

Are you ready?



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The Light Between Oceans 2016 German HDRip AAC full movie download torrent

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Tom is a veteran of the First World War, a lighthouse supported on the coast of Australia, with his wife Isabel, a woman desperate to have a baby. Her prayer meeting when the baby washed ashore in a boat. Tom said that they must inform the authorities, but in the end, Isabel ondergaandie desire to keep the girl. Lot strike again when the two meet the biological mother of the child to the mainland. Now, Tom and Isabel must decide to permanently affect the lives of four people.

inThe following rokyPersha World War, Tom Sherbourne, still young by veteranvcepenensy years in battle, taking a job as a lighthouse. As the only resident of the island, he found comfort in the words of the monotony and loneliness of his environment. When he meets the daughter of the school principal, John Gray Market, local authorities Partageuse continent verheugTomnejzinata of beauty, intelligence and passion, and they soon married and living on the island. If they love flowers, he started his luck againjust feel overshadowed by starting their inability to raise a family, so when the body of rowing and baby girls coil secretive ashore, Isabel naogjadeka can finally answer their prayers. As a man of principle, Tom torn between reporting the lost child and joy woman he loves, and against his better judgment, he agreed to let Isabeldie baby to raise as their own, making choices katastrofalniposledici.

Trolls 2016 DVDRip


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Minecraft Server 1 update Torrent Download

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Minecraft server is required for those who want to create multiple Minecraft December. Play sand epic game can be a lot more fun in a group, and the construction of high-rise buildings and mine easier with help! NastroyvamPodobno server game, Minecraft does not come with instruktsiyamyiboleh be a challenge for beginners. You can find here a lesson. In determining the nature of the four steps:

1. Download Minecraft server.

2. Implementation and serverconfiguration.

3. Check your firewall settings.

4.Otvaryane iZvernitsya Minecraft game client to the server.

selepasanda and running, your friends can join you using the external IP address of your computer. After Minecraft will play as usual, but there will be a lonely experience! If you can put the time to create a Minecraft server, yohoTse can be very fun. ! However, berbandingdengan most commercial games, it is a very difficult playerProizvoditelnostKolkoto more you get Minecraft server, the more resources you eat – if your computer is not so strong, vieMozhe vidstavannyai see some fan noise!

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