Office Furniture Liquidation

If your organization or agency is like most others, you have no room for excess furniture, case goods, office panels, or electronic systems. Finding storage and paying for it never proves to be a good alternative, because out of sight is out of mind, and with normal staff turnover, anything in storage gradually becomes forgotten and valueless. The best alternative is to recover the value of your excess furniture and put it to the best use possible. Premier Office Furniture is not only your answer for acquiring the latest office furnishings, but we can handle the liquidation of unwanted office furniture as well—we buy used office furniture!

Our mission is to enable you to maximize the value of your underused, old, or surplus furniture, case goods, accessories, and equipment. Our professional furniture moving team will work with you in a professional manner to disassemble unwanted furniture and remove it from your premises carefully and discreetly. And if you need new furniture to replace the old, look no further. We can handle every aspect of liquidating furniture at any time convenient to you, during or outside normal work hours. Our crews are available 24/7.

Premier Office Furniture offers free appraisals and will consult with you to explain your liquidation options. Our consultants have experience in every aspect of office design and furniture placement, and that includes removing unwanted furniture. You can depend on Premier Office to manage the entire process of liquidation and removal of your office furniture.

Call us at 408-453-9200 to set an appointment and give us the opportunity to assess you assets and ensure that you receive full value for your unwanted furnishings.