Office Furniture Moving & Relocation Services

Moving an office or relocating can be an enormous disruption to the day-to-day operation of your business. With more than thirty years’ experience in the Office Furniture Moving & Relocation Services business, Premier Office offers the commitment, expertise, and capabilities to undertake any size move and remove all the headaches in getting it done. Whether the move involves simply removing furniture, electronics, and fixtures during an office renovation, or the complete relocation of an entire business from one location to another, our team of experienced professional movers will give you an edge in disassembling, moving, and reassembling office furniture, computer systems, and electronics.

Our office-move representatives will assist your team in developing a plan, creating a timeline, setting priorities, and executing every stage of the move. Once the plan is established, our team will implement and execute the specific details of the move to get your company to its new office or facility with minimal disruption, within your established budget, and on schedule.

We understand that to accommodate your employees, your move may involve many stages and a piecemeal approach that’s tied to a tight schedule. Our movers are capable of moving furniture, disassembling electronics, and basically handling every aspect of the move during off hours, outside your employees’ workday. Our goal is to avoid interrupting your normal course of business and to be flexible around any contractors you may have doing renovations.

Our team of movers and installation experts is experienced with any size move, whether it’s a major corporate relocation or an internal shifting of offices and personnel. We handle every kind of office configuration, from fully furnished offices to entire floors of modular furniture and cubicle arrangements, from cabinets to shelving to floor-to-ceiling wall systems.

If you are moving to an entirely different floor design, we will help you reconfigure the space to accommodate your existing office furniture and fixtures or Office Furniture Services for Relocation & Moving. We will coordinate our movers with any contractors you may have hired for painting, carpeting, or cleaning in advance of the move. Plus, we have the resources to upgrade or replace existing pieces of furniture to meet your expectations. There’s no better opportunity to create an entirely new look to your offices.

In summary, Premier Office can have you settled into your new office or facility with efficiency, timeliness, and within your established budget. Call us today at 408-453-9200 to schedule a free consultation and quote. Premier Office Furniture will handle every aspect of your move anywhere in the San Francisco Bay Area—on time and within budget!